Meaningful education can not be imparted only in the class rooms, interactions at large and practical conditions, in particular are very essential for broadcasting outlook of the students. The tours are organized deptt. wise i.e. Shishu Vatika, Primary & Secondary. Separate study tours of school staff are also organized to update the knowledge of the staff.


To create spirit of enquiry among the faculty members and keep them everest of changing paradigms, in service training programmes and workshops are a regular feature. Teachers are conducted in the school to improve the skill as well as updating the knowledge of teachers. Subject experts are invited as resource persons to achieve the purpose.


A parent can withdraw his ward at the end of the session but he/she should inform about the same by the end of February. In case any parent wants to withdraw his/her ward in the middle of the session, he/she has to pay all the dues for the session. All dues of the school should be paid in full and library books returned before applying for a school leaving certificate.

De-Worming Day Celebration

De-Worming Day Celebration in Lakshay Convent School Manjyat on 26th May 2022.